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Frequently Asked Questions

For most projects, TERRA will send you a quote via email within 48 hours. This will include our credentials: contractor licenses, general liability insurance, business tax receipts and workers compensation insurance. In some cases, your quote will also include a simple drawing (with dimensions) of your project.
Project Length
After permits are approved and materials are ready, TERRA will schedule your project start date within 2 weeks. On average, to complete a project, Terra will take about 1-2 days for small patios and walkways, 3-5 days for driveways and about 5-6 days for pool decks. This could vary depending on weather, size of the project and other variables that we may not be able to control. Project clean up (removal of debris and leftovers) happens usually a day after the installation has been fully completed.
Classification - Grey Cement Pavers Vs White Cement Pavers
Grey cement pavers are usually darker in color than those of the white cement category. Structurally and mechanically, there is no difference. Grey cement pavers are typically used for driveways and white cement pavers for pool deck and patios since they do not absorb as much heat.
Paver Installation
Pavers are sand set. All paver installations require a base of coarse sand. Driveways (and other specialty projects) require a rock base (DOT approved) besides the coarse sand layer. The final touch is the joint sand which serves as a locking agent. Joint sand is NOT grout and does not have to be topped off. If the pavers are not moving, the installation does not require more joint sand. All installations require concrete edge restraints to hold the pavers in place (or any other ICPI accepted method) around the perimeter.
Thickness of Pavers
The typical thickness of pavers for residential driveways is 2 3/8” (60mm). There are also remodel pavers that are installed on existing structures such as concrete patios and pool decks. These pavers are “overlaid” on these structures using coarse sand and they are usually 1 1/4” (or around 30mm) thick.
Brands (Paver Manufacturers)
TREMRON, OLDCASTLE (BELGARD), GEM PAVERS, ARTISTIC PAVERS and US PAVERSCAPES are some of the recognized brands that we work with. We have a good relationship with all of them.
Natural Stone Pavers
Travertines, Marbles and Limestones are all natural stones cut in the form of pavers. Installation is very similar to that of a standard 1 ¼”” paver. There are many shapes, colors and sizes and their price depend on market conditions. These pavers are considered high end materials and most definitely add a classy and natural feel to your installation.
Porcelain Pavers
As the name suggests, these are man made porcelain pavers varying in thicknesses depending on the application (2cm, 3cm, etc). They can be used on decks, driveways, and patios. They come in large formats as well. Installation is like that of the natural stone pavers, but close attention must be put to cuts, joint sand, and edge restraints to guarantee proper leveling. These pavers do not have to be sealed, but they do require maintenance as any other thing exposed to the elements.
About Permits
Most projects in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties require a permit. Permits take, on average, 45 business days to be approved. A survey is required in all cases. Permitting costs and runner fees are not usually part of the quote and are charged separately by the end of the project once all fees have been assessed. The homeowner is fully responsible for obtaining any HOA approval. Terra will assist you in providing all the necessary insurances, licenses and drawings required.
Cleaning & Sealing
All pavers can be cleaned and sealed. Sealing of new pavers must happen at least 30 to 60 days after their installation for technical reasons (efflorescence, curing, etc.). Sealing of travertine and any natural stone can be done right after installation. Sealing will change the characteristic of the surface of all pavers, making them more slippery. Some sealers will enhance the color of the pavers and some other sealer will maintain its natural appearance.


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